What is Digital Marketing and It's Scope??

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What is digital marketing?

Talking in a simple language, digital marketing is made up of two different words. Digital is a technology introduced in Prayag especially by Electronics Devices, and you understand the meaning of marketing as we usually see it is also marketing.

In other words, -

Digital marketing/advertising is done through digital resources/channels. or

Advertising of any type of product or service is to reach consumers through electrical driver resources called digital marketing.

One proof of this is that the Internet started in the late 1980s-90, but before radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi by the end of the 18th century, digital marketing was still done at that time, but people knew it at that time. In the present time, digital marketing has taken a huge form with the help of the internet and digital chains.

There are two types of digital marketing.

  • Offline or electronic digital marketing
  • Online digital marketing

Or if we talk about today's luxury cars, then you have a big display in front of the seat, whenever you travel in it, you spend most of your time on it. So that your connection to the things coming in the middle of the way is completely broken. Maybe

I'm right. If you also do this, then you can share your experience in the following comment.

In such a situation, those advertising posters are of no importance to you, or if you have a business, then you may have used the posters, but the fact is that the effect of those posters is working day by day on consumers, its This is the reason.

And in this time the internet is growing so fast that in the coming time the importance of these posters will be completely eliminated.

That is why, by setting up their business online, people have started showing advertisements to consumers through digital channels. Which we know as Digital Marketing.

So, friends, you must have understood how much digital marketing has importance in the coming time. And yes friends, not only that, but it will end the existence of advertisements done through posters.
From this, you can guess how much scope there is in the field of digital marketing in the coming time

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E-commerce business which is a big part of digital marketing? Know -

Ecommerce marketing is the practice of using a promotional strategy to drive traffic to your online store, convert that traffic into paying customers, and retain those customers after purchase.

There is a very big part of your question.

Here we will talk about four types of e-commerce business, so let's know -

B2B - Business to Business

Business companies in B2B do business with companies or traders smaller than themselves. In such marketing, companies do not go directly to the customers and provide more quantity of goods to the small traders.

A quote from B2B business is "Alibaba". You may have heard the name too. This is a very large B2B business example. Now you must be thinking how is it B2B?

So friends, once you go to the Alibaba.com website and check, there you will get half the work of the rate of every product from the market rate. Why so?

Friends, the rate that Alibaba shows, then it is written that you have to buy so many products from work, only then you will get this product at this rate. You have to buy a lot of goods like wholesale here so that the price of the product is low here. That is why it provides more goods to other traders in the wholesale price. It deals with one business to another. Because of which it is called B2B (Business to Business).

B2C (Business to Customer) -

B2C business, which you see every day or talk about online if you have ever ordered goods from Amazon or Flipkart, then you are a customer and Amazon / Flipkart business. This is called B2C.

C2B (Customer TO Business) -

Just as there is a website to buy goods online (Amazon / Flipkart), there is also a website to sell goods online. They buy all kinds of goods like old smartphones, TVs, laptops etc. You can also sell everything online. Which we call C2B Business in Digital Marketing.

C2C (Customer to Customer) -

V2C is a business friends in which only two customers deal with each other online. The biggest example is OLX. C2C online marketing is done here


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