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Get rich with budu.com MLM

Budu.com's goal is to become one of the largest business social networks in the world. This opportunity is highly unique you won't find this anywhere else.
For this goal to become reality, we created a way for you to earn tremendous money by joining our program.
Become a member yourself and recruit other members to join the budu.com MLM program.
The members you recruit will buy budu.com membership anywhere from $5 to $200 monthly. You receive 70% of that every month.
To give you an example: if you recruit 100 people with $20 monthly accounts you receive $1400 every month.
There is no limit. you could get in 1000 people in one year and earn $14,000 monthly.

How does this MLM work?

Its very simple. You get your personal BUDU invite link & start sending people to this page. People you know or strangers from real life or facebook, forums etc.
All necessary info, statistics & earnings you will see on exactly this page after logging in.

Your invite link. Use it to invite people you find on the internet to your budu.com MLM program:
(please signup or login and get your basic membership to see your personal invite link)

How do i start?

Get the monthly premium membership on budu.com (starts at $5 monthly)
(Important: The people who were invited here by Daniel Eder receive free entry into the MLM system)

What are the benefits for budu.com members?

Aside from the ability to join the MLM system budu.com members have tons of benefits just like on other business social networks
they get their listings ranked first and depending on which level of membership they have
they can contact higher ranking levels of membership and so on

Budu.com Vision

We create a platform where we enable and accelerate business & career growth for individuals and businesses.
And we want you to be part of the growth. We are building a top of the line business mobile APP for social networking and business marketing

MLM Support

Join also our Facebook MLM Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/buducom/
If you need any kind of support:
Whatsapp: +4917643838248
Skype: danieltravolto
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/travolto

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