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Looking for Authorized e-waste recyclers in India

Posted by: thinkrcycling posted in: e waste
· 2 weeks ago
Think Recycling is one of the best authorized E-waste recyclers, dismantler & refurbisher in India offering services for collection, recycling and safe disposal of electrical & electronics waste. Our services include Data expunging  Logistics, Collection of Electronic Waste & providing Waste Management and Recycling Services. We safely & effectively recycle Plastic, Ferrous, and Non-Ferrous material. Industries into manufacturing of computer hardware, electronic equipment, etc, which use plastic, metals, and alloys are our clients.  We are into global e waste management companies in Bangalore which helps us to offer e-waste management in India for now. Our organization is the first and among very few organizations that have received approval from the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board for dismantling, recycling, and refurbishment of E-Waste.
Our Service
E-waste recyclers
Dismantler & Refurbisher
Recycling, and Refurbishment

Read More - www.thinkrecyling.in
Toll Free - 1800-572 -1009

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