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How can I apply for an NRI home loan?

Anonymous posted in: /finance/loan/property loans · 1 month ago
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"NRI home loans are provided by multiple banks in India. NRIs avail these loans to buy and manage a property in India while they stay abroad as it's a good investment option for them. NRIs can take help from Google regarding the NRI home loan eligibility but most NRIs prefer connecting with certain companies that take care of their loan procedure and help them in availing loans in a hassle-free procedure from famous banks in India. Eligibility of getting NRI Home Loan: The applicant can appoint any of his relatives as the Power of Attorney (POA) holder in India to complete the formalities and documentation procedures in India. An NRI can apply for a home loan either as an individual or as co-applicants who may or may not be co-owners of the property. However, co-owners must be co-applicants as well. Minimum 2 years of work experience in present company. Minimum: 18 years age Maximum: 60 years/retirement age." Visit:-
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