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Do you know where drones are used?

Anonymous posted in: jammer · 2 days ago
The jammer can effectively prevent the harm brought by the jammer

In India, many people use signal jammers to protect public places from terrorist attacks. Before buying interference equipment, you need to know the frequency, GPS jammer can avoid some trouble. It is important to check the country's laws.The smooth dissemination of information channels not only affects citizens' right to communicate, but also affects public interest and public safety. If signal interference equipment is used in criminal activities, public safety can be endangered. The use of jammers requires legal procedures and is regulated by law. The use of permissions and scope must be strictly restricted. The feasibility of the assessment is assessed by experts and managers.

Citizens can use mobile jammers. It is legal to use jammers in performances. To prevent harassment by mobile phone users, the use of such devices is widespread.Some hotels have introduced a voyeur camera for security management, a method to improve the management level, improve the level of warranty management, and ensure the privacy of personal privacy. The signal jammer is a very reliable product. Even a cleverly hidden voyeur camera can check the presence of a voyeur camera as long as it can intercept radio waves. Remember, the gsm signal blocker allows you to live a safe life.

NBC News reports that on the Syrian battlefield, drone jammers are affecting small drones, not MQ-9 Reaper or some other large drones, but it is not clear exactly what drones were affected. This means that although the jammer is effective, due to its short shielding range, some larger drones can fly above it. On the other hand, as pointed out by maritime executives, powerful drones also have inertial backup navigation systems and do not rely entirely on GPS. UAV interceptor that can block GPS signals will only affect smaller tactical drones.

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