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About BUDU

Launch: July 2020

Hello. I am Danji. The founder of BUDU
Our mission is to give people the knowledge and tools to empower & heal themselves

About Danji
I started the second largest techno music website in the world, doing the first techno music life stream ever over the internet.
Some projects I started were the first or some of the first ones to ever exist: A business network, an internet website directory, free email and hosting provider, search engine, social network etc. (around the year 1996)
I also started and programmed the first web-based invoicing software in the world.
I always was very visionary and could see the future before others did.
I started and ran the world's largest south american / spanish dating website with over 100,000 members at the time (was profitable).
Then i started an international dating website with over 600,000 members and 400-1000 (sometimes even 10,000) new member registrations per day (was also highly profitable).
During this time i had a spiritual awakening. I then started doing tantra massages mostly with women. A few years later after several hundred healing & yoni tantra massages
the sessions became more and more spiritual and every day i became more sensitive to the point that i decided to give up all other projects and focus only on the spiritual. Thats where BUDU was initiated.
I have the ability to feel and release old emotions & blockages through energetic sessions, massage & acupressure

About BUDU
The mission I have for BUDU is simple and powerful:
To empower people for life transformation and healing without them being dependend on gurus & teachers
While it is okay to sometimes seek external help i want to show people that given the right information & tools they can do everyhing themselves.
Unless a human is fully enlightened they are bound to be corrupted by the ego. So no matter what any teacher tells you they are most likely corrupted by the ego and you and them will most likely
not be aware of it. This inevitably leads to problems & abuse. BUDU wants you to grow in the comfort & safety of your own home.

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