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Rex Moulton-Barrett Alameda
Owner at Rex Moulton-Barrett Alameda
https://www.moulton-barrett.com/ (Upgrade to make clickable)


Dr. Moulton-Barrett emphasizes the importance of patient education to enable one to make an informed decision concerning their treatment options. Following a comprehensive evaluation he provides patients with honest and detailed information about various treatments, techniques and procedures as well as educating his patients on the important subject of what to expect before, during and after treatments and procedures. Related factors such as individual lifestyle, home and work environments, attitude and active participation in individual health care needs are discussed at length so that both the patient and physician share the same approach, preparation and goals towards achieving the best possible results. An accomplished artist, Dr. Moulton-Barrett recognizes that natural features help define an individual’s appearance. He patiently guides you through choosing appropriate treatment options that will enhance and optimize facial and body architecture in a manner acknowledging balance, proportion and harmony.
Alameda United States

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Industry: Health Services
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