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ClaireXS from Romania

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Welcome to My world loser! Do you think you have what it takes to be My human ATM?

I am an evil, greedy financial domme who will take everything you own and leave you begging to give me more. I know you can’t get that teenie thing off without paying. The more you pay, the more humiliating it is for money slaves like you, which leads to addiction and adoration to the cruelest financial dom on the web.

If you are looking for true financial domination, I’m more than you could imagine. You’re going to treat me like the Princess I am, handing over your paycheck and maxing out your credit cards to give me what I want. While most losers just want to hand it over because they know there is no other way to get MY attention, some of you crave and actually need a hot, young financial domme to control every aspect of your finances.

You will show me your paycheck each time you get paid as well as give me a list of your bills. I will decide what you do with that money and how much of it goes to ME. I am going to GET YOUR MONEY anyway I CAN. I DONT GIVE A FUCK about your wife, kids, bills, obligations or job.

I will rape your wallet & drain you dry piggy! Know your place. I have no tolerance for timewasters. you will bow at my perfect feet and never get up. you know you need to worship me. you know you want to give me all of your (MY) money. you can’t stop yourself. you are under My control. Pay Me what you owe Me pig! your money is all that matters to Me. I expect you to cater to My every whim without hesitation. I am your reason for living and before you know it I will become your addiction, wrapping you around my little finger.
Seeking: Real Estate Agent (seeking)
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30 years old
10.5.1990 (Taurus)
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Height:170cm / 5 ft 6 ins
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ClaireXS is from Romania and 30 years old Female
Seeking: Real Estate Agent
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